Twisted Roots Frozen Yogurt

1749 N. Main St., Longmont

Twisted Roots Frozen Yogurt was born in 2017 in its current location (in the Ace Hardware shopping center, next door to Starbucks) by Robert and Shoshanna Burke and their entire family. It has evolved over the years to include many other options besides frozen yogurt.

Why Twisted Roots?  With all family members hands involved with helping us open and create our business we wanted a name that would represent family.  The name Twisted Roots does not only represent our immediate family but the ties we have to the community and the larger family that being an active part in the community brings.  Our roots are our foundation. Without them we can not grow.  Without the support of our surrounding community, our business can not sustain itself.  

On a daily basis you will see at least one of the Burke's 3 boys (2 of whom are twins) behind the counter, and occasionally you will run into Shoshanna's mom. Shoshanna's sister and niece have worked at the shop in the past and will step in when the family steps away on vacation. Family! That's what this business is all about.

Besides a ton of conversation and a great environment, here is what we have to offer:

  • Create What You crave FroYo Twist-Top-Weigh-Pay
  • Milkshakes -create your own or pick from one of our featured ones
  • Smoothies-Create your own or pick from one of our featured ones
  • Lemonade Chillers - So refreshing on a warm summer day - made with our sorbet of the day
  • Smoothie Bowls - Choose from Acai, Protein or our monthly features. 

We are always twisting sugar free and vegan options.

Robert and Shoshanna Burke​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​1749 N Main St.
Longmont, CO 80501


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