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Luxury Homes

Within Longmont, you’ll find several luxury homes and neighborhoods. These homes and areas generally come with gorgeous views and a bit more space.

Luxury Home Neighborhoods in Longmont: 

  • Rainbow Ridge ($600-$1.7M)
  • Lake McIntosh Farm ($800k - $1M)
  • Portico ($1M - $2M)
  • Summerlin ($1.4M - $2M)
  • Somerset ($800k-$1.6M)
  • Prospect ($800k-$1.4M)

Luxury Homes are ideal for those looking for: 

  • High-quality construction with unique architectural features
  • Large houses with spacious kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms 
  • Unobstructed views and much larger lot sizes
  • “Extras” like pools, hot tubs, outdoor living spaces, or cellars

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