Longmont Breweries

Longmont Colorado is one of the Top Places to Live for craft beer lovers! According to a report by C+R Research, Longmont is in the top 20 cities for craft breweries per capita. Factor in a short drive to both Fort Collins (#11) and Boulder (#4) and you're going to be hard pressed to find a better place for brewery fans!


300 Suns Brewing

“300 Suns Brewing was really just an idea brought up years ago, that kept surfacing every time a brewery was toured, a GABF was attended, a new craft beer was tasted, a bottle of homebrew was shared on the back deck in the cool summer evening air. It was just a dream and one day , we worked up the nerve to make it a reality”


Bootstrap Brewing

“Bootstrap Brewing is an independent craft brewery in Longmont Colorado. Here, you’ll find us diligently brewing our award winning, fresh, delicious, craft beer which we supply to the best restaurants and liquor stores in Colorado.”


Collision Brewing

“Here at Collision, our staff is committed to providing a friendly and fun experience. We love to use local ingredients in our food and beer as much as possible. Our main goal is to provide a place everyone can relax, sit back, and enjoy life when you come and visit us.”


Grossen Bart Brewery

“The concept is quite simple... make delicious tasting beers! The purest form of outlandish character. If there's one thing we know, it's good beer. We each have our own distinct opinions as to what we like. Ranging from insanely hoppy IPA's, rich creamy stouts, smokey porters, tangy sours, and pungent Belgian dubbels. Having a wide range of varying opinions is what makes this brewery diverse. You the consumer are guaranteed to find that perfect ale that suits your palette at Großen Bart Brewery!”


Left Hand Brewing

“It all started with a humble homebrew kit and the drive to make better beer. Tired of the same bland and dated choices everywhere, Air Force friends Eric Wallace and Dick Doore set out to make the kind of beer that excited them; beer they wanted to drink. A hobby quickly became an obsession and it wasn't long before Left Hand Brewing was born in Longmont, Colorado. Over 26 years later, we're still forging our own path, building community around better beer. Because to us, serving both is equally essential. And because when you're not satisfied with the way things are, you change them.”


Oscar Blues Brewing

“In 2002, in the funky little town of Lyons, Colorado, we shattered craft beer convention by stuffing our voluminously hopped mutha of a brew, Dale’s Pale Ale, into a portable, crushable, infinitely recyclable can. Craft beer in a can stays fresher for longer, and it’s easy to pack in (and pack out) on any soul-saving adventure. We now operate breweries in Colorado, North Carolina and Texas to provide craft beer in a can to all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and 17 other countries.”


Outworld Brewing

“Outworld Brewing offers a defiantly different brewpub experience, one that fuses beer and food with a unique atmosphere that welcomes all. highlighting Sci-fi & Fantasy themes and events, we promise A dining and drinking experience like no other. Located on the eastern outskirts of Longmont, Outworld Brewing has become a destination for music, comedy, dinner theater, and other niches, themed entertainment such as cosplay, Dungeon and Dragons, and other Role-Playing Games. Outworld was Created to encourage exploration and offers something for everyone.”


Primitive Beer

“Primitive Beer is inspired by centuries-old Belgian brewing techniques and a flair for the modern, we are excited to release blends that reflect our passion for funky yet balanced flavor profiles emphasizing Colorado ingredients.“


Pumphouse Brewery

“The Pumphouse opened in May of 1996 as an independently-owned, single-unit brewpub. To become an afunctional restaurant & brewery, the building had to be transformed radically, though much of the original architecture was left intact to preserve the Historical Landmark status of the building. Renovating a building of this nature – one not originally designed for restaurant use – leads to a somewhat quirky layout, but there is no doubt that the atmosphere is that much more charming & intriguing because of this.”


Wibby Brewing

“Wibby Brewing's Co-Founder, Brewmaster, and proud Colorado Native, Ryan Wibby, learned the science of beer making while studying chemistry at Ithaca College in upstate New York. This was his "light bulb" moment; he immediately fell in love with intricacy of brewing and instantly knew his life calling was to start his own brewery.“

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