La Vita Bella

471 Main St., Longmont

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"Todd Eichorn and Andrea Bullard came into ownership at La Vita Bella in 2018. During this time, La Vita Bella was a well loved Cafe, known for delicious house made treats and some of the best coffee in town. When the couple began this journey, the plan was to expand, with their then partner, into 471 Main St, to build an experience that would include all things local, and inspire the Longmont community to slow down, and enjoy the beauty of life; from local arts and music, to locally sourced foods and fine fare. Covid kicked the mission to expand La Vita Bella's offerings to fine, local fare, into high gear.

This growing season, La Vita Bella is partnering with local Farms to offer a true farm to table experience. Working with Local farms such as Ollin, Esoterra, Eukarya, Buckner and Skypilot we are following through with the vision of offering a full menu and fine fare.

Chef Leroy Alvarado is at the helm our Cocktails and Dreams and bringing amazing fare as company! Chef Alvarado hails from New Mexico, where he was celebrated as one of the youngest executive chef's, and ranked as one of the top 3 Chef's in the state. Former owner at Georgia (now Sassella, in Santa Fe), and Executive Chef at Maize has now joined us at La Vita Bella, as a partner, to build the dream of bringing a welcoming and delicious experience to Longmont.

Current day hours are 9:30am - 2:30 pm. Currently we offer fast casual by day (soon to be full service), enjoy our full Brunch menu, for solo time, with friends or for your business luncheon. Dinner service begins at 4:30pm. Evenings at La Vita Bella brings a fine dining sensibility with the warmth that we know as Longmont's signature.

After dinner hours La Vita Bella is continuing to celebrate the local arts and hosting local musicians on the weekends! We know, and you know, that we need music and each other, and this is part of the beautiful life! Find all music events posted at our Website, on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram at Let's live our best lives Longmont!"

Todd Eichorn
Andrea Bullard

Chef Leroy Alvarado

​​​​​​​471 Main St
Longmont, CO 80501


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