Copper Sky Distillery

Your $5 Off Coupon is Below

Whiskey January? That should be a thing. Raise your glass with us to $5 off a delicious tasty whiskey beverage treat of your choice during the month of January!

​​​​​​​Mike Root and the folks at Copper Sky Distillery are ready to introduce you to their delicious high-quality spirits in their tasting room open Wednesday through Sunday located just east of Main Street and North of 1st Avenue. Need a gift for someone who lives across the miles? They also ship to 46 states. Copper Sky creations include 5 Year Low-Rye Bourbon, 5 Year Wheat Bourbon, Apple Brandy Barrel whiskey, and Grand Marnier barrel whiskey. We are obsessed with their Copper Accord, a special blend of the whiskey in their Archives to create something insanely unique and delicious.

During the month of January use this $5 off coupon to try their latest creation such as Prancer’s Peppermint Sip, a take on spiked hot cocoa made with vodka, chocolate liqueur, hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and garnished with a candy cane. Yes, please!

You can visit Copper Sky Distillery’s tasting room hours and also see what they have ready to ship to your long-distance friends and family HERE.


Southern born and raised, Mike Root, arrived in Longmont after serving in the Air Force. He is a book author, a non-profit founder, and the entrepreneurial force behind more than one successful business. He believes good whiskey should build bonds and bring people together so bring someone with you and reconnect while sipping their latest original recipe. Cheers!

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