Cavegirl Coffeehouse

720 100 Year Party Ct., Longmont

Cavegirl Coffeehouse is Longmont’s premier clean-drinking, clean-eating, gluten-free Coffeehouse with a modern & healthy flair. Cavegirl is located right in the heart of super trendy Prospect New Town with 2-story outdoor seating overlooking the energetic Prospect New Town Park.

Serving certified organic coffee drinks (no pesticides or chemicals!) and organic whole fruit smoothies prepared just for you!

Cavegirl Coffeehouse is a unique twist on traditional coffeehouses, serving clean drinks selected by the renowned Cavegirl and featuring all of the Cavegirl’s yummy organic, clean and gluten free favorites. Many foods are freshly baked and prepared in our very own on-site kitchen.

Our unique space also features three conference rooms available for short business meetings or private gatherings.

Specially sourced, locally roasted organic coffee beans full of flavor, along with freshly baked, all-organic, gluten free treats are available to delight your palate and, most importantly, for your health and well-being!

720 100 Year Party Ct
Longmont, CO 80504

(720) 472-0420


Lori (The Cavegirl) is passionate about eating and drinking clean foods and freshly prepared beverages. Cavegirl Coffeehouse was conceived as an alternative to other Coffeehouses which are often serving up sugary syrups, processed fruit substitutes and inflammatory, hard to pronounce (and spell!) ingredients.

​​​​​​​Eat and drink our clean, organic foods and beverages every day without guilt and, most of all, without harmful chemicals and toxins!

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